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Send an email with fundraising ideas

Find a volunteer leader to send an email to all pasts and current Relay For Life participants with fun summer fundraising ideas, appropriate for your event & regional COVID guidelines.

  • Sample EMC content (Find & edit in EMC by searching: Summer Fundraising: Fundraising Ideas)

Host a Registration Challenge

Description: The Race to Registration Challenge can be run in conjunction with your website launching for the new season/year. The first 25 people to register receive a prize – something very small and inexpensive. Or you can choose not to do a physical prize and use some other recognition instead.

Add-On: You can also include fundraising with this challenge – register and raise X dollars to win the prize.

Other option: Everyone who registers by the deadline is entered to win a prize.

Cooling Towels are available in minimum 15 orders on ACS Marketplace for order ($3.56 cost per towel + shipping)

Template Resources to help:

Challenge other events near you with this Baseball Themed Challenge

Description: The Strike Out Cancer Registration Challenge is a leaderboard-style competition between all events in the same area. Events compete through 9 innings (days) to see who can sign up the most people online. Each person registered = 1 run. The event with the most “runs” at the end of the game wins!

There can be a physical prize (such as the winner getting to use the inflatable arch or purple chair), but the real prize is bragging rights. 😊 The challenge can be set up across all events, or between events that take place on the same weekend, and therefore compete for a prize that only one event on that weekend can use.

Add-On: You can do an individual prize for the top fundraiser(s) or enter everyone who raises X dollars into a drawing to win a prize.

Template Resources to help:

Actively Launch 2022 Fundraising Season

If you have already completed your celebration for 2021 – it is time to launch your 2022 event.  Launching your event isn’t as simple as just rolling over your website!  Here are some ideas to actively launch your 2022 fundraising season!

  • Request your Website
  • Ensure you customize your Event Website
    • What’s important to customize:
      • Confirm date & location are correct
      • Ensure website is found in search on (if not – ensure zip code is populated in EMC)
      • Update event goal
      • Add contact who can best answer questions about your event
      • Verify office location (where mail should be sent)
      • Hide/unhide sections based on your event needs:
        • Sponsorship not ready yet? Hide it!
      • Update Event Details page with local information
      • Updated Announcements with information about your event
  • Communication Plan
    • Send a website has launched email to all past participants
      • 2019, 2020 & 2021 participants should be available in EMC.
    • Share messaging with your entire ELT to start recruiting
    • Use images in the social media toolkit that your 2022 Event Season has launched.
    • Work with ELT to create a communication plan. Who is calling/texting/messaging past participants? Who is reaching out to new, potential Relay teams?
    • Pull a donor list from EMC (past years) and share with your returning teams/participants so they can actively engage past donors.
  • Build Hype for 2022 Event
    • Offer a limited time incentive for joining by a certain date
      • Order that you register is order that you can pick your campsite
      • First 10 teams to sign up receive 10 Relay cooling towels for their team!
    • Create a digital scavenger hunt which involves registering and looking for other items on the website and social media pages. (Prizes for those who complete)
    • Create an experience around the community. Posting clues each week on the website and social media pages pointing to various areas in town where volunteers/staff will be with prizes and a computer to register. (Involve past sponsors!)
    • Create a couple of thought starters to get people to your website!
      • Create a survey and add to your announcements where visitors to the website can vote on this year’s event theme.
    • Offer free luminarias for every $x raised during the month after your website launch only.

Remember Why Challenge

Thanks to Relayers in the North Region for sharing this fun idea!

  • Suggested time period: 2 weeks
  • Suggested prize: Relay For Life Swag Bag
  • Message: Sign up and Fundraise (could be modified to focus on just fundraising)
  • Rules: Any participant registered by x date will gain 1 entry into a drawing for the Relay Swag Bag. Earn additional entries by doing the following:
    • Raise $25 during the 2 weeks = 1 extra entry into the drawing
    • Raise $50 during the 2 weeks = 2 extra entries into the drawing
    • Raise $75 during the 2 weeks = 3 extra entries into the drawing
    • Raise $100 during the 2 weeks = 4 extra entries into the drawing
  • Communication Plan:
    • Email: Templates available in EMC. See full content here.
      • Recommended to send on day 1, 7 & 13 of Challenge
      • 6 email templates available in EMC.
        • 3 for participants that have not yet returned
        • 3 for participants that are currently registered
      • Emails can be found in the EMC: Reason Why Challenge
    • Individual outreach: 
      • Reach out to currently registered & lapsed team captains individually and send a roster of team members from year’s past, highlighting who has currently signed up and fundraised / and who hasn’t. Encourage them to take advantage of the timing of this challenge.
      • Here is an email template. 
    • Social Media Posts – Create your own with this template in Canva.

SPARK your Fundraising - July 4th Challenge

  • Summary: Events encourage participants to “spark” summer fundraising
  • Potential Timeline: July 2 – July 9
  • Incentive: Raise $500 as a team and receive RFL cooling towels mailed to your team captain

Sample Timeline


Relay Summer Spark!

We love the 4th of July because everyone gets together to celebrate independence, family, friends, and summer. It is also a great opportunity to SPARK your fundraising! Follow these 3 steps and the fireworks won’t be the only thing that’s dazzling.

  1. Head to your participant center and click the “Ask for Donations” button.
  2. Send a message to your friends and family through an email or a Facebook post to let them know how you are igniting the fight against cancer.

Earn exclusive Relay For Life cooling towels by fundraising $500 or more as a team from July 4th – July 11th.

Focus on Facebook Fundraising

Take an opportunity to do a 3 day focus on Facebook Fundraising!


Fast track your fundraising with Facebook

Facebook Fundraising is one of the most successful individual fundraising tactics one can use to save lives in the fight against cancer. Activation is simple and easy through your participant fundraising dashboard. On average, connected fundraisers raise over $150 through Facebook Fundraising.

    1. Sign in to your Relay For Life fundraising dashboard or FUNdraising mobile app and select CONTINUE WITH FACEBOOK.
    2. Log into Facebook and grant permission to link to your Relay dashboard.
    4. Tag and challenge 10 friends to donate to your Facebook fundraiser.

Highlight & Encourage Luminaria Purchases

Here are some ideas that you can use to encourage luminaria purchases.

  • Spring/Summer events: Host a fall drive-through luminaria to build momentum for your 2022 event
  •  Drive fundraising through luminaria
    • Messaging: For every $50 raised this month, you will receive a free luminaria.
      • Email: EMC template available (See sample)
      • Social Media Post: Special Announcement: For this month only – for every $50 you raise, you get 1 FREE luminaria bag.  Let’s light up COMMUNITY NAME. (Canva Link)
      • Use as speaking points for conversations for new/potential RFL participants & fundraisers.
  •  Host a virtual luminaria ceremony

Don't forget about Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees. 

You can find information about which companies match at

Ideas to promote matching gifts:

  • Send email: RFL CY21 Engagement – Matching Gifts 
  • Do the research – check and lookup companies that support your event or where team members work. If they match,  call text or email the employee and walk them through the process to request a matching donation.

Take advantage of older challenges

These 4 challenges have been available for a few years. If you haven’t used any of them – there are many resources built and available for you.

$48 in 48 hours Challenge

  • Post copy: $48 in 48 hours. You’ve got this! Let’s add a little hope to someone’s life and earn a for you
  • Post copy (reminder): There’s still time to reach your goal of $48 raised in 48 hours. Spread the word about how you’re fighting cancer, and you’ll shatter that number!
  • Post copy (results/goal achieved): We asked for $48 in just 48 hours and so many of you delivered! With the estimated [$ RAISED] extra we raised, we proved how dedicated we are to seeing a world without cancer. Thank you!

Online Fundraising Challenge

  • Post copy: Our challenge to you: Raise the most online from [START DATE] to [END DATE] and you could win a [CHOSEN PRIZE]. [URL]
  • Post copy (reminder): Get social, send emails, and raise more online. The top online fundraiser by [END DATE] will get a [CHOSEN PRIZE]! [URL]
  • Post copy (results/goal achieved): We all made a big effort to raise more during our Online Fundraising Challenge, but there’s only one winner – [WINNER NAME], who raised [$AMOUNT RAISED] online. Amazing job!

Homestretch Challenge:

  • Post copy: [$ GOAL] in 72 hours. We’ve got this! Let’s bring hope home and earn a [BIG TICKET ITEM] to enjoy. [URL]
  • Post copy (reminder): There’s still time to reach our goal of [$ GOAL] raised in 72 hours. We just need your help, so spread the word and the love! [URL]
  • Post copy (results/goal achieved): We asked for [$ GOAL] and you raised [$ AMOUNT RAISED]. In just 72 hours, you proved how dedicated you are to seeing a world without cancer. Thank you!
  • Post copy (results/goal not achieved): We may not have reached our goal in the Homestretch Challenge, but we did raise [$ AMOUNT RAISED]. And every dollar means more hope for those who need it. Thank you!

Just Imagine Challenge

  • Post copy: Two rides to treatment or nights of lodging. A call to our 24/7 helpline. A new research grant. Just imagine what raising an extra $100 in a week can do. You can make it happen. [URL]
  • Post copy (reminder): You still have until [END DATE] to raise an extra $100, provide support services and lifesaving research to fight cancer. [URL]
  • Post copy (results/goal achieved): Thanks to everyone who raised $100 in our Just Imagine challenge. Those extra funds can now become better research, free rides to treatment and nights of lodging, and support through our 24/7 helpline.

Get creative in thanking sponsors/team captains and ask them to commit again!

Prize/Recognition/Thank you Ideas:

  • Window clings
  • Track signs at the sponsors/team captain office
  • Homemade letters from a cancer survivor
  • Bracelets
  • Free Luminaria to give out
  • Sponsor/Team Captain recognition/certificates
  • Make a proof of performance basket showing sponsor/team captain their proof of what they contributed and include a sponsorship proposal/sign up request for next year.  (RFL Stewardship Template)