Video – Relay For Life “We have an amazing friendship through it” (long)

Video to share a story of how Relay For Life builds friendships – for use on local social media.

Sample Post copy: Sometimes making a connection is all it takes to make a difference in the fight against cancer. Find your team [insert local event url] #RelayForLife

Caption: “And relay to me means so much. It’s the fight that you can conquer and have friends and the beauty in life that you never thought was possible before, at the same time. And then also remembering the people we lost and just to keep going on and pushing as much as we can. And learning’s… Definitely a learning process.I think that was the surprising part is that, the friendship’s like we met through our cancer journey and I just never thought I’d have…Soul sisters… Like such good friends, you can’t imagine. And so this horrible disease and it was horrible five years, and yet we have an amazing friendship through it. Yeah, thank you. Thanks for asking.”

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