Video – “Now I have a 90% chance of surviving”

Video to share a survivor’s perspective of Relay For Life – for use on local social media.

Sample Post copy: You’ll hear amazing stories like Ridi’s at every Relay For Life event. Join today at #RelayForLife and let’s celebrate, remember, and fight back against cancer. [insert local event url] #RelayForLife

Caption: “I’ve been doing Relay for a lot of years and never expected to be in this purple survivor’s shirt, but here I am. And to me relay brings hope in miracles because I was one of the lucky ones who got a cancer that already has a miracle drug. Because 25 years ago, I had a 90% chance of dying. And now I have a 90% chance of surviving. And that brings me hope, and I want everybody to have their miracle. So that’s why I Relay, so everybody gets their miracle and everybody survives.”

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