FUNdraising: Outside the Box with Karen & Joe

Join American Cancer Society Volunteers Joe Gillette and Karen Woldahl for a new project called Fundraising Outside The Box, a series of fundraising masterclasses available for all types of communities, events and activities.

March 18, 2021
Episode 1: Multi-team Sweepstakes Fundraiser
Karen & Joe welcome special guest, Shelley Sprouffske, to talk about a fundraiser they did in January 2021. Several teams across the country pooled together for the Saturday Night at the Super Bowl Sweepstakes

May 20, 2021
Episode 2: Fundraising with Auctions
Karen & Joe talk with volunteer & fundraiser, Lindsay Groth of the Michigan Softball Academy – talking about all things fundraising auctions.

August 26, 2021
Episode 3: Back to the Basics with Hall of Fame Members
Karen & Joe are joined by Relay For Life Hall of Fame Members: Reuel Johnson, Phylecia Wilson, Jeff Ross & Laura McCormick. They’ll share how they were so successful in fundraising, how to make fundraising and participating fit in any community and what you can focus on to be a better advocate for American Cancer Society!

September 19, 2021
Episode 4: Fund the Breakthroughs Challenge with ACS research team
Karen & Joe are joined by American Cancer Society’s Senior Scientific Director, Dr. Lynne Elmore to talk about how the funds raised during the October Fund the Breakthroughs Challenge will be used.