Nationwide Relay Leadership Team (NRLT)

The Nationwide Relay Leadership Team is a group of leadership volunteers who work alongside American Cancer Society staff to develop strategy to and directly support Relay For Life events across the country.

The NRLT is part of the larger Relay For Life National Volunteer Team, which also includes Relay leadership teams at the regional and area level. Region Leads work to represent the needs of their region, including the area teams in their region. The NRLT is also a part of the larger Nationwide Community Fundraising Leadership Team, which is made up of volunteers representing all Community Fundraising events and initiatives at the American Cancer Society.

Current members of the NRLT are listed below:

Regional Relay For Life Leads

  • North Region: Lisa Wilfong
  • North Central Region: Lara Grobosky
  • Northeast Region: Zach Dane
  • South Region: Cynthia Dickson
  • Southeast Region: Katie Casamassina
  • West Region: Jolene Wegsteen
  • Unified Event Support: Heidi Varner
  • Campus: Amanda Taylor

Strategy Leads

  • Shelley Sprouffske (Top Performers)
  • Jason Masony (Voices of Hope)
  • Keisha McKinney (Digital Marketing)
  • Adam Bloom (Fundraising)
  • Kaitlyn Valeri (Recognition)
  • Becky Kinman (Survivor & Caregiver)

Community Fundraising Region Leads 

  • Shelle Arnold (North Co-Lead)
  • Delilah Morkisz (North Co-Lead)
  • Jillene McMichael (North Central Co-Lead)
  • Chris Doe (North Central Co-Lead)
  • Emily McCloud (Northeast Co-Lead)
  • Rachael Paradise (Northeast Co-Lead)
  • Melissa McLain (South Co-Lead)
  • Rhonda Chapmon (South Co-Lead)
  • Suzy Lawrence (Southeast Co-Lead)
  • Yamile Rivera (Southeast Co-Lead)
  • Ruth Fitzsimmons (West Lead)
  • Salena Harrington (Unified Event Support Co-Lead)
  • Heidi Varner (Unified Event Support Co-Lead)
Community Fundraising Nationwide Co-Leads
  • Bryan Sherwood & Cameron Graber


Saralyn Lash
Saralyn is a 27 year cancer survivor who began Relaying in 1996 in Wooster, Ohio.

If you have questions about the NRLT, please contact Saralyn Lash at