National Campus & Youth Engagement Team

The NCYET is a part of the National Volunteer Team and is made up of two teams – the Strategy Team and the Implementation Team. The team provides support, develops resources for students, and facilitates the creation of a national network of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to the fight against cancer.

The National Strategy team is made up of 11 student volunteers and a National ACS staff partner who work to provide nationwide strategy and direction to the collegiate and high school fundraising programs.

The Regional Implementation Team is made up of students committed to growing ACS On Campus through collaboration and networking within ACS On Campus. They work hard to further connect and collaborate with all campus events in their region to share ideas, resources, strategies, wins, and losses.

The Strategic Team and Implementation Team work together to create resources for ACS Campus volunteers across the US and globally.

To learn more about how campuses across the country fight against cancer, go to

Strategic Team Leads

  • Murphy Fryer – Relay For Life Development Lead
  • Mary-Paige McLaurin – Social Media & Communication Lead
  • Jenna Capuzzo – Fundraising Lead
  • Cameron Coates – Volunteer Development Lead
  • Kira Sano – Youth Lead
  • K.C. Ward – Mission Integration Lead
  • Maggie Buswick – Advocacy Lead
  • Haley Huntington – Volunteer Support Lead
  • Isabel Bayer – Content Writing Lead

Regional Implementation Team (Regional Map)

  • North
    • Nicholas Edwards
    • Aarthi Aruna
    • Hannah Evans
    • Georgia Winfield
  • Northcentral
    • Alexis Velazquez
    • Samuel Keimwiess
    • Max Hirsh
    • Hannah Lalonde
  • Northeast
    • Mia Kouveliotes
    • Andrew McKinnis
    • Brianna Cagan
    • Sabrina Chow
    • Becca Powell
    • Harrison Gerson
  • South
    • Hannah Gaffney
  • Southeast
    • Alexis Parkes
    • Samantha Schoep
    • Gracelyn Thrash
    • Caroline Travis
  • West
    • Abishek Siva
    • Sarah SvahnK


Cameron Graber
Cameron has been a Relayer since 2003 and currently attends the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.

If you have questions about the NCYET, please contact Cameron at