Local Event Fundraising: Choose 3

Each month: July, August & September – each Relay For Life should choose a fundraising focus per month. Get creative or choose from a menu of ideas.

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The menu of fundraising ideas includes EMC email templates, graphics, social media post templates, prize options, idea starters etc.

Menu will include:

  1. Email with fundraising ideas that are appropriate for your regional/COVID-response
  2. Registration Challenge: Sign up & Donate and you get x
  3. Strike Out Cancer Challenge
  4. Ideas to get people to your website to sign up: Visit our website to vote on the theme, register and get priority campsite selection – re-engage excitement for new websites
  5. Earn up to 3 tickets by doing x and be entered into a drawing to win a Relay Swag Bag or other priz
  6. Remember Why Challenge
  7. Spark Your Fundraising Challenge(something July 4th themed)
  8. Facebook fundraising focus
  9. Campus Centralized Registration Challenge (Sept 20-30)
  10. Ideas on how to thank/recognize teams and sponsors over the summer


Jul 01 2021 - Sep 30 2021


All Day