Fund The Breakthroughs Challenge

Summary: Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer will launch a Fund The Breakthroughs Challenge in 2021 that encourages current and past participants to fundraise online. This challenge runs Tuesday, October 5 – Thursday, October 14.

Goal: Drive incremental revenue of $5M online for RFL and MSABC during a 9-day period in October.

Objectives: We will inspire action and build urgency to fund the ACS research program by restricting funds to research. In addition, we will be offering 2x reward points through the ACS Rewards Program during the challenge timeframe.

Funding Restriction Messaging: You can help the American Cancer Society fund and support the next revolution in cancer research. We are on the cusp of amazing advances in cancer research –from a single blood draw to detect multiple cancers, and new treatments that can target and destroy specific cancer cells with fewer side effects, to improving the ability to determine which personalized treatments will work best for each unique diagnosis. Your participation in this national fundraising challenge can help make these advancements a reality. Read more about the funding messaging > 


Audience: Registered Participants
Challenge CTA: Fundraise

Audience: Previous Participants for 2022 events
Challenge CTA: Sign up & Fundraise


  • Make a plan with your local committee. How will you help share and promote this challenge? Make a plan for calls, texts, social media posts, etc.
  • Share the challenge with your team captains and participants and encourage them to register or invite people to join their team in advance of the challenge.
  • Plan to send the local event emails to your event participants through the EMC on 9/28
  • Leverage the local promotional toolkit! Share the local social media posts on your regional and local event channels, update your event cover photo, and leverage the SMS reminder messaging.


Week of 9/28:

Tues. 10/5: 

  • Post on social media:
    • Amazing breakthroughs like detecting cancers with a single blood draw are within our reach. Now is your chance to directly support life changing science by joining the $5 million Fund the Breakthrough Challenge. Fundraise like lives depend on it –because they absolutely do. Learn more:
    • Image >
  • Send SMS message via Slick Text:
    • Fund the Breakthroughs challenge starts today! Directly support research and get 2X Rewards points thru 10/14. Learn More

Fri. 10/8: 

  • Post on social media:
    • When it comes to preventing, detecting and treating cancers –one size doesn’t fit all. Personalized treatment options that can target and destroy specific cancer cells with less side effects are game changers, and you can fast track this incredible science today. Join the $5 million Fund the Breakthroughs Challenge to directly fuel this next revolution in cancer research. Plus, between now and October 14, earn more Relay swag in the process. Learn more:
    • Video >

Mon. 10/11: 

  • Post on social media:
    • Detecting pancreatic cancer at its earliest stages through imaging is just one example of the type of discovery you will directly support during the nationwide Fund the Breakthroughs Challenge.
      Right now, we are on the cusp of lifesaving advancements in cancer research and your fundraising will move them further and faster than ever before. Fundraise through Oct. 14 to earn 2x Rewards points, and learn more at
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  • SMS message via Slick Text:
    • More targeted treatmentswith less side effects? Directly support thiswork NOW by fundraising thru Oct 14! Learn More

Wed. 10/13:

  • Post on social media:
    • Today’s innovations are tomorrow’s lifesavers, and your dollars are directly fueling the next revolution in cancer research. This is your final chance to earn 2x Rewards points for the national Fund the Breakthroughs Challenge. Fundraise strong today and check out our collective progress here:
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  • SMS message via Slick Text:
    • Time’s running out! Directly support breakthrough research (and earn 2X Rewards points) before the fundraising challenge ends on Oct 14! Learn More Learn More

Fri. 10/15:

  • Post on social media:
    • You did it. With your help, we raised $x for our Relay For Life to directly fund transformative cancer research that could change the course of early detection and treatment for generations to come. The end of cancer begins with research, and we THANK YOU for supporting and accelerating our work to go further and faster than ever before.
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  • 9/21: National ELT Challenge Announcement email sent for RFL

Tues. 10/5:

  • National kick-off emails sent (current & lapsed participants)
  • Kick off post on national social media channels
  • Kick off mobile in-app push notification
  • National & local event website banner updated
  • Local event website announcement posted

Sat. 10/9:

  • National reminder email sent (current & lapsed participants)
  • Reminder post on national social media channels

Wed. 10/13:

  • National last chance email sent (current & lapsed participants)
  • Last chance message on national social channels
  • Last chance mobile in-app push notification


Oct 05 - 14 2021


All Day