2023 Relay For Life Theme Contest

The national Relay For Life theme should be a quick slogan that explains what we do at Relay For Life and why we do it. And for the 2023 theme – we need your help. We are asking you to submit your theme ideas.  And we are asking you to share this with your community.

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Ways to Share with Your Community

Social Media

  • Images to Share
  • Sample Post Copy: Want to be a part of Relay For Life history? Submit your idea for the National Theme for Relay For Life 2023. You get the chance to create the 2023 slogan for the year and, if chosen, will be partnered with design experts to create the T-shirt design and more. Submit your idea today: https://connect.relayforlife.org/2023-relay-theme-contest/


  • Use the below EMC email template.  Feel free to customize and add any local information as well. You also may need to customize if your event has passed or is yet to come.
    • Name of email in EMC: RFL – 2023 Theme

Share with your Participants

  • Event date passed?
    • This could be a fun way to continue to engage with your Relayers and starting getting excited for your event next year!
  • Event date in May?
    • You could make this a fun day-of-event activity where people could create ideas at your event and draw fun designs.
  • Event date later in the year?
    • Share this with your ELT and your team captains – at meetings and via email to generate more excitement about how your event is a part of a larger movement – all in the fight to eliminate cancer!



May 01 - 31 2022

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