2022 T-Shirt Announcement

2022 Relay For Life T-shirt Program

We’re excited to share the updates and enhancements to our Relay For Life t-shirt program for 2022.

As we’re coming out of the pandemic, we are prioritizing making the investment to recognize the VIPs in our communities – our cancer survivors. We are excited to be expanding the survivor t-shirt program to allow survivors to redeem their t-shirt after registering rather than requiring them to become Hope Club members first. T-shirts are important to drive key behaviors of registration and fundraising, create a strong sense of community, increase brand relevancy and provide recognition to key audiences.

Top Enhancements:  

  • Return of an experienced t-shirt vendor, Will Enterprises, as the main vendor in 2022.    
  • Near real-time participant redemption program.  
  • Survivor t-shirt is free to registered survivors. 
  • ELT t-shirt is free to committee members added to Salesforce. 

How will this work?  

  • Survivors register online for their event. 
  • Participants need to use a link in their redemption email to claim their t-shirt. 
  • Redemption will no longer happen through Relay Rewards. 
  • There is no fundraising requirement for ELT or Survivors.  
  • Participants will have an opportunity to claim all three t-shirts when they qualify for each. 

It is important to remember that the Relay For Life fundraisers are fueling the mission of the American Cancer Society. So to further that branding, the front of shirts will be the same, with an American Cancer Society logo.


Some information below is accessible only to ACS Staff. Please reach out to your staff partner for additional information.

How often will emails go out to Hope Club members, ELT, and survivors? Emails will be sent daily, starting on Monday, January 24. Email will be sent from news@message.cancer.org.  

  • Hope Club redemption emails will be issued the week that individual hits $100 raised. 
  • ELT redemption emails will be issued the week that individual is added to the 2022 committee in Salesforce 
  • Survivor redemption emails will be issued the week that individual registers for the event. 

How often will t-shirts ship? The vendor will have the t-shirts ready to ship weekly via USPS.    T-shirts can take up to 2 weeks to arrive depending on the timing of their redemption and when the vendor has a weekly scheduled shipment to go out.  Shipments can be sent to a PO Box. Tracking information is unavailable from the vendor.

If a volunteer has issues with the redemption site, issues with the delivery of their t-shirt, or issues with the item who should they contact?   Participants that have issues with a t-shirt can reach Will Enterprises at cancer@willenterprises.biz 

Will fundraising efforts be considered from both online and offline? Online and offline confirmed income will be included.

What if a participant registers but doesn’t choose the survivor designation during registration?
Participants can update their information from their Relay Dashboard. From “Show Quickstart Checklist,” select Complete Your Profile and select Survivor in the “relationship to cancer” question. Or a participant can call 800.227.2345 and ask for their survivor status to be updated. Once the Survivor designation has been chosen, the redemption email will be sent within a week.

If any of these participants are registered for multiple events, will they receive an email for each event? No, for any registered for multiple events, they will receive one redemption email and t-shirt.

Will Survivor t-shirts be available at events? In general, extra t-shirts will not be available at an event. It is important to register before the event to ensure you have a shirt available. Registration is available at http://relayforlife.org or by calling 800.227.2345.

Can a shirt be ordered after the event date has passed? Yes – even if you register and/or hit your fundraising goal at your event, you’ll still be issued a redemption email and can receive your shirt within 3 weeks of redemption. Shirts cannot be redeemed after 12/1/2022

Are there personalization options for shirts? Tshirts will not offer a personalized option or a sponsor printing on the back of the t-shirts.  If a community would like to offer custom t-shirts – we will gladly provide the t-shirt artwork so a community can create Survivor t-shirts to be available at the event. This will have to be an in-kind gift from a vendor and not a direct expense to the event.  

How does a staff request a report to be run for this specific event on t-shirt ordered? Staff can request a t-shirt report for their event by emailing cancer@willenterprises.biz.  T-shirts are tracked by Society Key, please submit your Society Key when requesting a report.  

How can Hope Club members of a team claim a t-shirt when the fundraising credit was applied to the team level or to a particular individual on the team? A team captain may forward their redemption email to those on the team that have qualified for Hope Club (but not correctly credited). Each participant may claim 1 t-shirt for per email.   

In the case that the Hope Club member, Survivor or ELT does not have an email address?   

Will we offer team captain t-shirts? The American Cancer Society continues to remain focused on being the best steward of donor dollars. Because of this, we are no longer offering the Team Captain t-shirt. Each event is encouraged to find new and creative ways to continue to recognize team captains. 

Will we offer Grand Club / All Start t-shirts?  Participants that raise $1000+ & $2500+ will continue to receive a redemption email (from Halo) to redeem their grand club & all-star items.  This program will launch in January 31, 2022 with a variety of items to choose from. Read more information here >

Will t-shirts be redeemed through Relay Rewards? We will continue to offer Relay Rewards at shopacsrewards.org; however, Hope Club, Survivor, & ELT t-shirt redemption will no longer occur through the Relay Rewards website, but directly through a redemption email. 

Will all shirts be the same color? No. Survivor t-shirts will be a shade of purple, ELT t-shirts will be brightly colored & Hope Club shirts will be a shade of grey. Due to global t-shirt inventory shortages, we are having to choose t-shirt colors based on what is most accessible by our vendors.

Will additional Hope Club t-shirts be available for purchase? No.  Hope Club t-shirts are earned and cannot be bought. We also do not plan to offer ELT or survivors t-shirts for sale at this time.

What about 2021 RFL t-shirts? The 2021 RFL t-shirts, through Relay Rewards ended mid-December 2021.

If a participant has issues with the delivery of their t-shirt or with the item itself who should they contact? Participants that have issues with a t-shirt can reach Will Enterprises at cancer@willenterprises.biz. They will respond within 24 business hours.

Is there a deadline for using the redemption code to obtain a t-shirt? T-shirts must be ordered by 12/1/22. 


The Relay For Life movement is the American Cancer Society’s signature fundraiser dedicated to helping communities attack cancer. From team members to volunteers, we all want to remember those we’ve lost, help those affected today, and take action against cancer. Through funds donated, time given, or awareness raised, our communities are teaming up to make a difference, whether we’re connecting virtually or sharing space. When we rally together in the fight against cancer through this fun and inspirational event, we can accomplish anything.

262 thoughts on “2022 T-Shirt Announcement”

    1. I like the 1st design(A)
      It’s a celebration of victory and excitement! I’m 21 years cancer free from a stage 4 of that killer! God is awesome !!!

    2. I love the style on t- shirt A the most because its bold, bright and can really been seen! Plus, it does look like fireworks in celebration of stopming out cancer

    3. B – would be my favorite, however I am disappointed that it does not read ” RELAY FOR LIFE” as that is the branding we are trying to promote of the Event since 2001.

    4. C looks awesome!!! They are all winner, but C is my favorite!! I love we are bringing back vintage CELEBRATE. REMEMBER. FIGHT BACK #attackcancer

  1. I vote for T-shirt B. I like how it is just white and purple and the format of the words and just the overall t-shirt in general.

  2. Of course I voted “A”! It looks like fireworks, or in my thoughts…shouts out at you “Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back with Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society” I love the design! Something different for sure. The combination of throwing in the Red and Blue with the Purple brings it all together for cancer. Kudos to the designer!

  3. It’s “A” for me. It grabs your attention and gives you the feeling of wanting to CELEBRATE! Which is one of the main focuses of Relay. Let’s CELEBRATE our Survivors, our Accomplishments and the Successful Future of ACS!! 🎆🎀🚶🏆

  4. Thank you for making this possible. I like that our VIP Survivors get their shirt for free. I will raise more this year to help support that program.
    I like “B” Remember stands out and that is why I Relay.

  5. A is my favorite! Really catches my eye. I think it really draws your attention to what the shirt is about.

  6. I like option A, I have been fighting cancer seems like all my life! My mom, my dad and myself twice and then my son! We need the encouragement to remember and Fight this dreadful disease! Thank you everyone for all you do!!!

  7. My vote is A. I feel it is eye catching which is what we want. We want to raise awareness and support.

  8. My vote is for B

    However, who designs these? We haven’t had anything original in a long time. I prefer simple designs

  9. “A” shows the excitement of what we can accomplish. I have survived cancer and my mother just survived as well. So let’s show some excitement and celebrate each other.

  10. D Please…
    Just realized that these graphics are for the back of the shirt. Are you saying we’re not going to have the sponsors on the back anymore? That’s a really big deal for our local sponsors. I hope you reconsider and have the graphic on the front of the shirt. The branded Relay for Life/ACS logo is already there.

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