The national Relay For Life theme should be a quick slogan that explains what we do at Relay For Life and why we do it. And for the 2023 theme – we need your help. We are asking you to submit your theme ideas.


  • Theme speaks to what the Relay For Life movement represents.
  • Theme does not incorporate any other organizations/businesses trademarks, copyrights, slogans.
  • Theme connects to the mission of American Cancer Society.

Here is how it works.

  1. Submit your idea now through May 31. – You’ll need a slogan, a brief description of how this will be incorporated throughout the year and optionally you can submit a graphic representation.
  2. 5 ideas will be selected to move to the next phase. Each of the 5 finalists will be paired with industry experts such as strategic Relay For Life staff, national leadership volunteers and graphic designers. Finalists and their experts will work together to design a sample graphic, t-shirt and website header image. Finalists will also work with their experts to build out a plan on how this theme can be used throughout the entire year.
  3. The 5 designs will go to a vote where everyone can help choose the winner.

The winner and final theme idea will be announced in late-August/Early September of 2022.


View Theme Submissions:

2023 Theme Submission: HOPE

H arness O ur P ower E verywhere WE are a a community of humans fighting to make a change in this world. Pushing everyday

Note: Submissions are reviewed by a moderator before being posted here. This may take up to 3 business days.