Relay Connect

The national Relay For Life theme should be a quick slogan that explains what we do at Relay For Life and why we do it. And for the 2023 theme – we need your help. We are asking you to submit your theme ideas.


  • Theme speaks to what the Relay For Life movement represents.
  • Theme does not incorporate any other organizations/businesses trademarks, copyrights, slogans.
  • Theme connects to the mission of American Cancer Society.

Here is how it works.

  1. Ideas were submitted throughout May See all submitted ideas >
  2. 5 ideas will be selected to move to the next phase. Each of the 5 finalists will be paired with industry experts such as strategic Relay For Life staff, national leadership volunteers and graphic designers. Finalists and their experts will work together to design a sample graphic, t-shirt and website header image. Finalists will also work with their experts to build out a plan on how this theme can be used throughout the entire year.
  3. The 5 designs will go to a vote where everyone can help choose the winner.

The winner and final theme idea will be announced in late-August/Early September of 2022.

View Theme Submissions:

2023 Theme Submission: HOPE is REAL

Everything we do is based on HOPE–leading to the reality that we are making a difference in the fight against cancer. This theme features our mission and our participants–and HOPE happens every single day of the year: HOPE is research. HOPE is programs–Hope Lodge, Road to Recovery. HOPE shines through in our survivors. We have HOPE because of Caregivers. Relayers walk for HOPE. Our participants fundraise for HOPE.

2023 Theme Submission: united in the fight

Hope Heroes Headquarters – I really like the visual in the graphic below under the number 2. Two hands, of different colors grabbing on the the same baton. So many places to go with old and you, race colors, people with differences. Yet, we know cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither should or challenge to join together. United. Also the word fight helps play into our continued education of fighting back not just being about advocacy.

Note: Submissions are reviewed by a moderator before being posted here. This may take up to 3 business days.