2023 Theme Submission: Dive Back Into Relay

Can be Ocean themed, or a giant relay pool party (sans the actual pool) or a flow down a lazy or southern river.
Possibilities can be endless when you “Dive Back Into” our communities and just keep making swimming towards progress in eliminating cancer as we know it!

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2023 Theme Submission: Family

We are all Family. Survivors and caregivers come together to help each other on our Journey. With out Family we would have a Harder Journey

2023 Theme Submission: Back to Basic of Building HOPE

seems like so many conversations and even majors points of our NCFLT training were, its ok to get back to the basics – recruitment wheel, evaluating needed ELT positions, looking at parts of the community not involved, thinking about DE&I – everything is going to back to the basics, the things that have worked forever. My first thought was “Hope under construction” – but I like the building theme idea and concept. Just a challenge to go back to what’s working as we build hope forward. Thought a construction theme or building idea might be the visual. Each person adding one more piece